Born at the end of 2009, BrEx is a team combining professionals in fashion design and marketing, to open or reinforce business opportunities to well established and known international Brands .
This BRand EXtension activity is mainly focused on shoes and accessories.
A Company with a lot of experience. Born to PUT SHOES ON to international Brands.


To run the Company has been called, as CEO, Fabio Spreafico. He’s been the leader of one of the most successful case history in Brands’ extension Projects. In fact, during his 20 years as CEO at DC Company, he made the LEVI”S shoes and accessories business grow continuously.
Lately the forward looking approach of the Company is shifting the focus on cool, fresh and distinctive Concepts rather than traditional clothing Brands seeking for the usual Extension to Shoes & Accessories.
As a consequence, the usual collections are leaving space to items winning the interest of a more “premium” tier of the fashion market place.
The “name of the game” is the ability to understand and transpose into shoes and accessories the personality and philosophy of Brands.