About Us

Levereging on the global awareness of the undisputed color coding universal Leader and recognized authority in Fashion, we create our collections around a simple motto: "Let Colors Rule” and around  evergreen shoe models re-interpreted with an unexpected use of colors.

Because at Pantone Universe we believe that every color has a meaning and every shade has a profound impact on life.

Our credo is that “colors rule” everyone’s world, emotions and feelings.

We believe that colors are best used in an unexpected way to serve as the ultimate act of self-expression.

Be it a unique technique, an unusual shade combination or the distinctive Pantone naming, colors are always used to give an edge to our footwear.

No usual structured Collections, but spot on capsules aimed at revitalizing evergreen shoes concepts.

Special objects, perfectly in line with the well renowned Pantone Universe Design approach, reporting the stamp of one of the most recognized authority in fashion.

Almost a sort of special reward to carefully selected windows that are given an additional “coolness statement” .

Pantone Universe Footwear is a licensing agreement between Pantone© and BR.EX SA.

BR.EX is a team combining professionals in fashion design and marketing, to open or reinforce business opportunities to well established and known international Brands. This BRand EXtension activity is mainly focused on shoes and accessories. 
The "name of the game" is the ability to understand and transpose into shoes and accessories the personality and philosophy of Brands.